Hyundai Santa Fe Adding New Tech to the Value KING!

Whenever we talk about the real value cars we remind about the Hyundai company, you must have heard about Hyundai Santa Fe that was the first SUV by Hyundai launched in 2001, and millions of people loved this car and guess what, it’s coming back.

Although Hyundai has also redesigned it and launched it in 2019 with extra add-on features in it, because of the love this car gained again in 2019, they have made a 2020 version of this Hyundai Santa Fe car. If you are a lover of this car and wanted to know what changes going to be in the 2020 version of it, then do follow this article till the end.

Interior of Hyundai Santa Fe :

2020 hyundai santa fe interior view

The interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2020 model is entirely different from the 2019 model, in the 2019 model they have had added some wood effect combination in the interior. But interior in the case of the 2020 model is entirely different.

There is a total of five seats in 2020 Santa Fe, as Hyundai never compromise with comfort same is in this case, all the fours seats are highly comfortable and have more than enough space for adults to sit over there, while the fifth seat is a plus point for this car. You will notice that this midsize SUV’s car engine voice does not reach up to the car cabin, the overall interior is made up of high-quality material, and they have given a formal tone to the interior of this Hyundai Santa Fe 2020 model.

In the front you will be offered a high-quality infotainment system, which comprises of a 7-inch display, Bluetooth is enabled, you are also provided four USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and many such features.

Exterior :

2020 hyundai santa fe side view

Hyundai Santa Fe is a 15.7 feet long highly durable and good looking car, and the color options come in a type of shiny color. Overall the car looks highly rigid and quite different from the 2019 Santa Fe. Do you know where this car is built? This 2020 model of Santa Fe is built in Alabama.

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Safety :

2020 hyundai santa fe rear view

You must have heard that Hyundai has built some of the best and safest cars, and with the 2020 Santa Fe they have had done a lot of crash tests in which this car got five out of five stars under the safety category.

You are offered a rearview assistance feature with the help of a rearview camera, cruise control feature, forward collision warning, lane keep assist, and driver drowsiness monitoring feature is also available.

Performance :

2020 hyundai santa fe logo

This car has a 185 horsepower four-cylinder base engine, this car’s performance is highly impressive, and the controls feel really quick. 

If we talk about the mileage, you are offered 22mpg in the city area while 29 mpg on highways. The overall handling of this car is highly stable and secured, no matter either it’s a rough area or not, you are not going to feel any disturbance in your drive. Although it’s a midsize SUV, it has got some excellent reviews based on its performance.

Pricing of Hyundai Santa Fe :

The price of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2020 model in Us is $25,900, which is the best deal by having a look at the features this car is overloaded with.


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