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All Electric F150: the Game Changer in the EV Pick Up Vans Segment

The All-electric market is becoming hotter by the day with the introduction of new all-electric vehicles and announcements for many more to come from the auto giants all around the world. The Electric Ford F150 is one of the most revolutionary pick up trucks that are going to add more credibility and utility to all-electric vehicles in early 2021. This All-Electric F150 is just an extension of the mighty Ford F150 that has been one of the best sellers in the Pick-Up truck autos for the past 42 years.

The Ford F150 Electric Truck is a clear signal from the Ford that they are determined to dominate the electric vehicles of the future with its All-Electric F150 pick-up truck. The Pickup truck market in the US is very crowded and feature hungry and it is not an ordinary feat for the Ford F150 to withstand and dominate the market for the past four decades.

 Due to the time tested and market’s favorite pick up van, Ford has decided to go into the electric Pick Up vans on this already established platform.

All Electric F150 Exterior :

All Electric Ford F150 Exterior

Though Ford has exhibited only the prototype of the all-Electric F150 it is not yet fully clear as to the level of style changes that you can find on the new electrical model. It appears and seems very likely that there may not be substantial style changes and Ford is going to stick on with the current look of the immensely successful F150 Pick up.

There may be minor changes to the exterior that may be necessary to accommodate the requirements of the electric version and those features that are not needed for the current gas-driven version. As such the new Ford F-150 Electric Truck is going to look the very same from the outside.

With the same exteriors, Ford wants to assure the market base it is currently having that the Electric F150 is going to be same that the market has been loving for years and this one just happens to be powered by an electric motor instead of the gas engine they have been used to driving for all these years.

Ford is very keen on proving to its Ford 150 Pick up truck owners that this Electric truck is capable of offering more torque and stronger towing power than they are used to in the present F-150s.

All Electric F150 Interior :

All Electric F150 Interior

The electric ford F150 is likely to have the same interior as its gas-driven predecessors and is stated to come in three different cabin configurations. it comes in Regular style with the passenger capacity of three people while the roomier Super Cab comes with six persons seating capacity. The super crew interior config is also meant for six passengers in a comfortable and fatigue-free manner.

In addition to this, this All-Electric truck is going to have many new advanced features like a wide Touchscreen console and other electronics that will add to the overall comfort and utility to this electrical version of the already popular Ford F 150 line of pick up trucks.

Electric F 150 Price :

 Ford has not announced the official price range of the Electric F150. As it is going to be a pickup van with added power it is going to be pricier than the other ordinary passenger cars. F-150 is an outright pickup van with added power and more torque and towing capability.

Hence we expect the price of this truck will be in the range of sub- $100,000 as of the starting price. But till the official announcement and the price list of the variants are announced it can only be a guess based on what little data and information we have on the Electric F150.

Ford F150 Electric Truck Charge :

Ford EV Charge

The All-Electric F150 truck is going to lead Ford’s foray into the electric vehicles market and in anticipations of its stronger entry and to gain dominance in this emerging electrically powered auto industry, Ford has recently announced that it is going to create the largest network of Electrical vehicle charging facilities in the whole of North America even larger than the one being built by Tesla.

To power up the future electric vehicles including the soon to be released Electric Ford 150, Ford is building its charging network along with EV charging companies like Greenlots and Electrify America through its proprietary FordPass Charging Network.

The Ford F150 Electric Truck owners can find the location of the FordPass charging stations through a mobile App or the Vehicles central touch screen. The FordPass network will have more than 12,000 charging stations with a capacity of having 35,000 charging points or plugs in the whole of the US and some parts of Canada.

The charging points in the FordPass Network can be used by other electric vehicles also and will be able to fast charge the battery of a car to 80% capacity in about 40 minutes. To power electric truck at home, Ford is working with Amazon Home Services to offer at-home electric chargers for its customers. It is to be noted that the Vehicle owners can charge their Electric truck either at home or their workplace and can use the FordPass fast-charging networks when they are on a long trip. Thus, Ford is having the best-charging infrastructure well laid out for its forthcoming Electric Ford F150 and other hybrid and electric models of vehicles even before they have reached the market.

Release Date :

 F150 EV

The Ford F150 was originally slated to hit the markets during the last quarter of 2019, but now Ford has confirmed that All-Electric F150 will reach its dealer networks by early 2021.

As it’s going to be the most significant electrical initiative for Ford and as it has chosen the F-150 platforms for this, it can be expected that this truck will reach the vehicle owners as scheduled during early 2021.


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