Is There Any Tesla model 3 Competitors Not Even By 2020??

Tesla Model 3 electric car is all set to grab the premium vehicle spot globally, in 2020 and it will crush the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C-class. In 2020 Tesla aims to produce the 600,000 to 650,000 vehicles and 500,000 of the vehicles will be of Tesla model 3. According to a survey, this car is most widely searched all over the globe. Over the past few years, electric cars have a long way. Overall in the US, the Tesla Model 3 car is the bestselling luxury vehicle. But it’s interior is not much refined and rich. Sparsely Tesla 3 is equipped with the massive screen that hosts the virtual buttons for all of its functions.

Original Color is Only Black and No Insulation is Provided

Tesla Model 3 black color

There may be a possible lack of insulation, in the Tesla Model 3 car. At the entry-level only arrives in the black color. So, painting another color on it will cause the extra cost. The interior of the 2020 model 3 is very sparse. Loaded cabins are not present in the high-end versions of Model 3, so it may look like a bit underwhelming. It does not have any proper adjustable features for power. The steering column and its seats can be adjusted manually. The automatic movement of the steering column and the seats ultimately evoke the feeling of modernity. It can be said that somehow its interior is characterless.

Better Audio System but No Music Streaming System

Tesla Model 3 interior view

However, a better audio system is present in this car. It has a configurable center console and two smartphone docks. It is provided with the Leatherette upholstery, and the seats are powered and heated. As compared to the other high spec versions, Tesla model 3 cannot offer the same range of performance. In this vehicle, Tesla didn’t provide the web browser, and there is no music streaming features.

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Specifications of Speed and Wheels of Tesla Model 3 :

Tesla Model 3 Side View

On a single charge, it can cover the distance of about 220 miles and can accelerate to the speed of about 60 mph in 5.6 seconds only. Its reachable top speed is 130 mph. For its interior design, they don’t add many luxury features, but Tesla has added a bit oomph to Tesla 3. The entry-level Tesla 3 is not equipped with the floormats. When it comes to buying a car, everyone loves the 19 inches wheels, but the entry-level 2020 Tesla model 3 will not be equipped with this feature.


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