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2020 GMC 1500 AT4 The Amazing Off-Road Truck: Full Review

2020 GMC 1500 offers five trim levels: SLE, ELEVATION, SLT, AT4, and Denali. In this article, we will do a full review of 2020 GMC 1500 AT4: Performance, Price, Exterior, Interior, Fuel economy, and Safety features to see if really GMC has manufactured an amazing and special off-road truck.

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 Performance and Engine :

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 black

The GMC Sierra will use the same engines found in 2020 chevy Silverado, a 5.3L V8 as a standard engine that generates a horsepower of 355 and 383 of torque, it’s mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission to give us an amazing off-road adventure. As well, the 1500 AT4 can be equipped with a 3.0L Duramax turbo-diesel l6 or a 6.2L V8 engine. 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 comes only in all-wheel-drive, and The 8 cylinders engines will feature stop/start technology with dynamic fuel management that enables the engines to operate with 1 to 8 cylinders to optimize power delivery and efficiency.

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 Price :

The price of the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 depend on the cargo types you want :

  • AT4 4WD, DOUBLE CAB, STANDARD BOX is starting at $51,000.
  • AT4 4WD, CREW CAB, SHORT BOX is starting at $53,400.
  • AT4 4WD, CREW CAB, STANDARD BOX is starting at $53,700.

The choice between those three cabins size depend on your needs and your budget; if you want more space, comfort for passengers, with a big cargo volume; the crew cab standard box is the best choice. However, if you’re interested only in the cargo volume, as well your budget is limited the double cab will be perfect for you.

The short box looks like a not interesting type, especially its price is only $300 less than the standard box. However, it’s the only type that contains the CarbonPro bed Edition which has several benefits (they are mentioned below), so if you will carry dirty things, tires, or building materials… the short box with the CarbonPro bed will be a good choice.

AT4 Body Style and Dimensions :

Crago Types :

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 provide two sorts of boxes: crew cab and double cab, the crew cab contains a short box (5.8ft of the box) and a standard box (6.6ft of the box),

Dimensions :

1500 AT4 cab

Fuel economy and MPG :

According to the EPA, the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 gets 16mpg in city and 21 on the highway which is good. With a fuel tank capacity of 24.0 gals, the 1500 AT4 has a maximum cruising range of 384 miles in the city and 504 miles on the highway.

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 Exterior :

2020 GMC sierra 1500 at4 white

Design :

As for the exterior design, GMC has maintained the essence of GMC but upgraded the known details, so the result is that the front grille has become bigger, vertical, and deeper. The headlights are C-Shaped with LED technology, also the fog lights and taillights are all LED. Moreover, the hood becomes taller than the previous generation.

Sides and Cargo :

From the side, 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 comes with a standard 18-inch machined aluminum wheels with dark grey accents, 18-inch all-terrain Blackwall tires, and 17-inch full-size spare steel wheel with a black finish. As well, it can be equipped with 20-inch 6-spoke carbon grey painted aluminum wheels or 20-inch machined aluminum wheels with carbon grey metallic accents. Furthermore, the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 truck is higher 2-inches than other sierra models to improve off-road capability. But the problem is that GMC doesn’t provide 2020 AT4 with sill to make accessing the cabin much easier, it’s a bit troubling to get inside with the 2-inch added to this truck.

2020 sierra AT4 added to the bed a 110-volt power outlet and additional tie-down. However, the bed size is small in comparison to 2020 F150 and Ram 1500.

To be distinguished from the 2020 Chevy Silverado, the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 got new and exclusive features from General Motors that are not available in Silverado :

1. MultiPro Tailgate :

multipro tailgate

The six-function MultiPro Tailgate is a new innovation that comes standard in SLT, AT4, and Denali trims, it offers 6 new functions :

  • Primary gate: by pressing a simple button, the MultiPro opens and lowers to help you get on the bed.
  • Load stop: the MultiPro prevent long items to slide out of the box, thanks to an inner gate that can be tucked upright and being as a vertical barrier.
  • Easy access: by folding the inner gate down you can get closer to the box by 7-9 inch, to make loading heavy items easy for you.
  • Full-Width Step: the entry to the bed has become easy, by releasing the primary and the inner gate, and folding the inner panel to make a 48’’ wide step and can load up to 375 pounds.
  • Inner Gate Load Stop: if you want to place long items sierra gives you more space by lowering the inner gate and unfolding the inside panel to make a vertical load stop.
  • Inner Gate Work Surface: by lowering the inner gate only you get a good work surface at a comfortable height with a 120-volt electrical outlet in the bed.

2. CarbonPro Bed :

GMC carbonpro bed

“The available GMC CarbonProTM carbon-fiber composite bed delivers best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion resistance. We put it to the test against one of the strongest forces of nature”.


This is the first time General Motors uses carbon fibers in a small truck like this one. So what are the benefits of the CarbonPro bed? The carbonPro bed is made from carbon fibers instead of the standard steel boards. It has excellent benefits: strong, durable with a good scratch and corrosion resistance. Moreover, it reduces weight by removing 60 pounds of vehicle mass and gives more space for cargo by 1 cubic foot. As well, two additional tie-down are added to the bed. The CarbonPro bed will be perfect for carrying dirty things, tires, or building materials.

Colors :

There are 4 exterior colors options for 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 :

  • Onyx Black
  • Summit White
  • Satin Steel Metallic
  • Carbon Black Metallic

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 Interior :

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 interior

Design :

the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 offers best-in-class headroom and legroom for the front seats and 3-inch additional legroom in the rear seat for the double cab version. The interior is equipped with natural leather and for the first time, it gets pore wood trim with a dark aluminum finish. Moreover, the driver and the passenger’s seats are electronically powered and can be adjusted to many different positions.

Connectivity :

2020 GMC1500 AT4 touch screen

wireless charging for the phone, USB ports, and power outlets are available beneath the center console. As for communication inside the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4, the 8-inch touch screen infotainment system has been upgraded to perform faster.

Storage :

The 2020 sierra 1500 AT4 provides countless storage units; cup holders and storage place in the doors, two storage units in the dashboard, a small space for the phone on the dashboard, in the center console and on its sides. In addition to a vast rectangular storage unit, which is big enough to store big items like iPads, laptops…etc. Even behind the seats, there is room for storing luggage in single-cab version. 

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 Driving :

2020 GMC 1500 AT4 off-road

The 2020 GMC Sierra has improved the driving experience a lot thanks to the new exclusive adaptive ride control system, which monitors the road and makes adjustments to the suspension at the right time. So this technology is much better than General Motor’s magnetic ride control which made its debut in the 2015 GMC Sierra Denali because it interacts faster.

If you are very interested in towing and hauling, the 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 offers the Pro grade towing system with a new app called APP Trailering, that offers a checklist and reminders for:

  • Maintenance
  • Trailer lights check
  • Temperature monitor.
  • Trailer electronic devices check
  • Trailer tire pressure check

2020 AT4 offers also a trailer shock absorbers, in addition to side cameras and an HD camera on the trailer that monitors it during the ride or driving in reverse.

Safety :

2020 GMC sierra 1500 AT4 provides advanced available safety features that can help you avoid potential dangers:

1- IntelliBeam Headlamps :

In the night, this feature automatically turns on the truck’s high beams and when it detects other headlights or taillights it turns them off automatically.

IntelliBeam Headlamps

2- Adaptive Cruise Control – Camera :

Adaptive cruise control helps you to automatically adapt the truck speed to keep the selected gap time between your truck and other vehicles.

Adaptive Cruise Control – Camera
Image Credit: GMC

3- Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert :

Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
Image Credit: GMC

4- Forward Collision Alert :

The system alerts you when you are too close to a vehicle.

Forward Collision Alert
Image Credit: GMC

5- Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning :

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
Image Credit: GMC

6- Following Distance Indicator :

the Following distance indicator gives you the following-gap time between your truck and another vehicle.

Following Distance Indicator
Image Credit: GMC

7- Front Pedestrian Braking :

The system alerts you when a collision with a pedestrian is close at speed below 50mph. Also, it can avoid the collision by automatically applying emergency braking.

Front Pedestrian Braking
Image Source: GMC

8- Rear Cross Traffic Alert :

Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Image Source: GMC

9- Safety Alert Seat :

Safety Alert Seat
Image Source: GMC

10- Automatic Emergency Braking :

Automatic Emergency Braking
Image Source: GMC

11- Front and Rear Park Assist :

Front and Rear Park Assist
Image Credit: GMC

12- Teen Driver (Standard) :

For new drivers, the Teen driver mode automatically activates some safety features for secure driving and allows parents to set limits on other features.

Teen Driver mode
Image Source: GMC

13- 6 airbags (Standard)
14- HD Rear Vision Camera (Standard)
15- LED Daytime Running Lamps (Standard)
16- Rear Seat Reminder (Standard) 17- Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Standard)

Warranty :

1 Scheduled Maintenance Visit within the first year, including oil and filter change, tire rotation but doesn’t include air filters.

– Basic : 3 Years/36,000 Miles

Corrosion Protection : 3 Years/36,000 Miles, Rust-through 6 Years/100,000 Miles.

Powertrain/Drivetrain :

  • 5 Years/60,000 Miles
  • HD Duramax Diesel: 5 Years/100,000 Miles
  • Qualified Fleet Purchases: 5 Years/100,000 Miles

– Roadside Assistance :

  • 5 Years/60,000 Miles
  • HD Duramax Diesel: 5 Years/100,000 Miles
  • Qualified Fleet Purchases: 5 Years/100,000 Miles

Conclusion :

In conclusion, 2020 GMC 1500 AT4 has offered excellent features its rivals can’t do like the MultiPro Tailgate and the CrabonPro bed. Moreover, the new diesel engine will make it perform better. In addition to advanced safety features to keep drivers secure. However, GMC offers the CarbonPro bed only in crew cab (short box) types and Denali trim. Also, the quality of interior materials is not better enough.


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