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2020 Chevy Silverado: Everything You Need To Know!!


The new 2020 chevy Silverado is a strong and capable truck. Chevrolet has equipped this truck with two heavy-duty power train options and modern technologies for confident towing. It is provided with the additional feature of the strongest, large and more functional Durabed. Mainly the focus to build 2020 Silverado HD is to throw the hardest jobs on it. Let’s see if it worth those prices :

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax horsepower :

2020 silverado 1500

In the 2020 Silverado, two impressive engines are offered which are specifically designed to meet the demands of the heavy-duty truck customers. It has an all-new 6.6L V8 gas engine that is upgraded to the 6-speed automatic transmission. Its horsepower is 401 and for durability, it is provided with the cast iron engine block. Additionally, it has variable valve timing and direct injection. Flash forward a few years ago, the market of light-duty, diesel trucks is hot. A few years back, 2020 F150 added a 3-liter diesel to the engine bay, and now it is all set that 2020 chevy Silverado will join the fray with a Duramax diesel. Even though its layout is different, but the 2020 Silverado 1500, belts out the 460 pound-feet of the torque, and 277 horsepower at only 1500 RPM.

Chevy Silverado 2020 interior :

chevy silverado 2020 interior

With more capability, 2020 chevy Silverado can endure heavy loads without breaking any sweat. Other than the increased capabilities, there is an advanced trailering system and exterior camera views. Due to its design hitching which is easier, and one can drive with a trailer with a more confident experience. It has a high strength steel foundation. they used Seven different types of steel for engineering and manufacturing. They come from the factory as a straight way to be ready for work.

2020 chevy Duramax :

2020 chevy diesel

Chevrolet has offered for this truck an integrated power take-off package and make it easy to use the power accessories for commercial applications. One of its important distinctions is the inline engine versus the V6 engine. The performance of the inline engine is similar to the rivals, and it is better balanced, easier on the ears, and is inherently smoother. If the Silverado is put on to the sports mode, then it alters the transmission of the shift points, and throttle input. In this way, more fun is added for the tire spinning, under the conditions of hard acceleration, rather than on the twisting roads of rural Oregon. At the higher RPM’s the power curve of the 3 liters, has no real drop off in the power. Whereas the torque and the abundant power of the engine are helpful.

2020 Duramax price :

2020 chevy 2500hd  starts at $35,695, $300 less than the 2019 model with a regular cab long bed work truck, and starts at  $39,595, with regular cab long-bed LT.

2020 chevy 2500hd Double cab/standard bed start at :

  • Work Truck : $38,095
  • Custom      : $40,595
  • LT              : $41,595
  • LTZ            : $50,295

For the long bed, you must add $200.

2020 chevy 2500hd Crew cab/standard bed start at :

  • Work Truck   : $39,895
  • Custom        : $42,395
  • LT                : $43,395
  • LTZ              : $52,095
  • High Country: $62,695

For the long bed, you must add $200.

2020 chevy 3500hd Regular cab/long bed start at :

  • Work Truck : $36,895
  • LT              : $40,795

For the long bed, you must add $200.

2020 chevy 3500hd Double cab/long bed start at :

  • Work Truck : $39,495
  • LTs             : $42,995

For the long bed, you must add $200.

2020 chevy 3500hd Crew cab/standard bed start at :

  • Work Truck   : $41,695
  • LT                : $44,595
  • LTZ              : $53,295
  • High Country : $63,895

For the long bed, you must add $200.

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