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The New 2020 BMW M4 Will Start at $69,150!!!

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The M3 coupe’s changed name and gained not only two turbos, but one of the most aggressive driving experiences on sale


Due to a major upgrade in the 2020 model of BMW M4, it is a superb item for money. BMW is giving the major upgrade to the M4 at the end of its life cycle. In July of 2020, BMW M4 will join the market as a standard package. Previously it was a very expensive option. If anyone is on the fence to buy it, then definitely there is no excuse to take the plunge anymore. For the next generation of M4, new sports coupe will be featured, with the same 3-liter twin-turbo unit. According to the statement of the chief Brunco Amatino, the interior design of the BMW M4 will be radically different. And the price will start at $69,150.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance :

2020 BMW M4 Horsepower
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2020 BMW M4, will allegedly give the all-wheel drive, and it will be retained as the manual option. It will also be available on the rear-wheel drive. For the transmission and the engine, the M4 is hooked up to a revised straight-six and it will be producing a horsepower of 425 and 406 lb-ft of torque for the base trim, however, the CS coupe will produce up to 454 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. M4 will get the restyled front different wheels, rear fascia, exclusive interior trim options, and a signature paint. With its redesigning, there are three series dropped weight and M4 will have weight reduction, with a predicted weight of about 143-pound trimming. Additionally, the drop-top of M4 will be moving to the soft top. Its engine will be in the two flavors, one is hot, and the other one is hotter. They will pair the 3-liter mill with the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic provided with the manual gearbox as an available option.

2020 BMW M4 will have a new and twin-turbocharged 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine. In the base trim, the expected horsepower is 473. In this way, it will give a bump of 48 horsepower, as compared to the previous generation. To make the best use of the power, BMW M4 will offer M-calibrated all drive wheel system so it will be easy to switch to the RWD by the push of a button.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG :

The Environmental Protection Agency has differents estimates for each trim of M4 2020. The Coupe has 18 MPG in city and 25 on the highway, the M4 convertible has 17 MPG in city and 25 on the highway, however, the CS coupe has 17 in city and 23 on the highway.

BMW M4 2020 interior :

2020 BMW M4 interior
Source: carbuzz

The transmission of the seven-speed dual-clutch will mercifully return the six-speed manual and it will also be staying in the lineup. Its most unique feature is lying in its segment with the manual transmission option. Some tweaks are existing in the interior design, including the lightweight sport seats, and the seat belts which are accented with the colors of M division. As a bonus, a premium audio system will be provided in the 2020 BMW M4.

BMW M4 2020 price :

The price (MSRP) of this car is depending on the trim :

  • Coupe : $69,150
  • Convertible: $77,650
  • CS coupe : $103,100

We advise you to buy the M4 2020 coupe version in place of convertible version especially it’s $8500 cheaper. While if you are a BMW ardent; the CS coupe will be the best choice for you.

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